Request a Project

Posters in the SA Comms office Posters in the SA Comms office

All requests to Student Affairs Communications & Marketing must be submitted via the Service Request Form. If you have a question regarding your request, please email

SA Comms completes projects at the unit or Divisional level that reach a wide audience and/or serve a strategically significant role in achieving the priorities listed in the Division’s strategic plan. In order to ensure that Student Affairs Communications & Marketing can fulfill requests and produce high-impact and high-quality products, requesting units should complete the Services Request Form as early as three to four months in advance.

All requests will be reviewed, and accepted projects are prioritized based on the type of request, current workload, and the project’s due date. Projects are not necessarily completed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Poster Print Only Requests

Requests to print posters must also be submitted using the Services Request Form and must be submitted at least three business days in advance. Requesting units are charged $3 per poster to assist SA Comms in recovering costs associated with poster printing. 

Request a Project