About Us

Students painting a wall with Welcome written on it in various languages Students painting a wall with Welcome written on it in various languages


The centralized Student Affairs Communications & Marketing office supports the Division’s internal stakeholders to reach their full potential. The office’s core focus is to strategically and deliberately craft and disseminate the Division’s collective story about its impact on the University of Miami student experience.

Furthermore, by bringing together creative expertise, production equipment, and inter-Divisional data into one centralized office, SA Comms helps prioritize and efficiently execute a variety of communication efforts across the Division. This allows the Division’s many program coordinators, service providers and facility managers the ability to spend their time doing what they do best: providing the best all-around experience for ‘Canes and community members alike.


Student Affairs Communications & Marketing advances the mission of the Division of Student Affairs by crafting the Division’s shared story and supporting all Student Affairs units with a variety of creative communications, marketing and market research services.


Cultivate a shared understanding among University of Miami stakeholders of the impact that the Division of Student Affairs programs, services and facilities have on the student experience at the University of Miami.


In order to achieve its mission, Student Affairs Communications & Marketing approaches its work in the following ways:

  • Functional Creativity: ensuring that materials are produced to the highest of quality that are not only striking in their creative approach but also positively contribute to the organization’s goals
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: as often as possible, beginning our work by first examining global or local data to determine the most appropriate course of action
  • Responsible use of Resources: consolidating communications and marketing resource allocation to make better use of Division resources

Strategic Areas of Focus

SA Comms has identified three Strategic Areas of Focus to clarify its role within the Division of Student Affairs. SA Comms uses these Strategic Areas to guide and evaluate its work.

  • Telling the Division's Story: Develop a holistic and strategic approach to effectively communicate with internal and external audiences about the impact that Student Affairs has on the student experience.
  • Planning Strategically: Assist units in developing strategic, outcome-driven and cost-effective communications and marketing plans to proactively promote their programs, services and facilities to intended audiences.
  • Ensuring Consistency & Quality: Set a Division-wide standard for the quality and content of designed materials and proactively manage the creation and distribution of Division-level information.

Campus Partners

In order to best shape the Division of Student Affairs narrative, Student Affairs Communications & Marketing serves as the formal liaison between the Division of Student Affairs and a variety of other University communications and marketing units. Such units include but are not limited to University Communications, Development and Alumni Relations, Enrollment Management Marketing, Athletics Communications & Digital Strategy, UMIT Communications and others.

In order to maximize collaboration with one of the campus partners mentioned above, SAComms encourages Division of Student Affairs staff to contact us.